Introducing Enchanted Media

From a backlog of animated sequences that ended up on the cutting room floor we decided to re-purpose them on our royalty-free stock website. And guess what? We found there was a flourishing market for them – so we made more!

As well as animated clips we also began dabbling with After Effects templates.

This started as a way of offering time-saving projects for busy video content producers, but it soon became one of our core product offerings.

You can shave hours off video production time by starting with a template – it’s a no-brainer. Handy, also, for those with an beginner’s interest in motion graphics and video production.

Recently we’ve also been exploring Motion Graphics templates for Premiere Pro. These are a fairly new type of video template, specifically for users of Premiere Pro, to make adding animated graphics to video a breeze.

Want to create awesome video sequences easily?

Take a look through our portfolio of time-saving motion graphics and video templates.”

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