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Enchanting motion graphics and animation.


Enchanting motion graphics production from Suffolk, UK.

Founded in 2009 by graphic designer Simon Brough, Enchanted Studios is a boutique motion graphics company providing animation and motion graphics for clients around the globe.

We pride ourselves on avoiding a ‘house style’, ensuring the visual approach for each and every production is specific and unique.

Each of our animated sequences, whether for broadcast, web media, event videos or corporate presentations, receives a dedicated creative process from script to final production.

Our wealth of experience in marketing and advertising ensures your message is the priority, regardless of whizzy effects and glossy 3D text.

Enchanted Inspire Graphic

Motion graphics and 3D animation services.

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After years of creating animated sequences for other people we decided to create a few animations of our own!

Introducing Enchanted Media

From a backlog of animated sequences that ended up on the cutting room floor we decided to re-purpose them on our royalty-free stock website. And guess what? We found there was a flourishing market for them – so we made more!

As well as animated clips we also began dabbling with After Effects templates.

This started as a way of offering time-saving projects for busy video content producers, but it soon became one of our core product offerings.

You can shave hours off video production time by starting with a template – it’s a no-brainer. Handy, also, for those with an beginner’s interest in motion graphics and video production.

Recently we’ve also been exploring Motion Graphics templates for Premiere Pro. These are a fairly new type of video template, specifically for users of Premiere Pro, to make adding animated graphics to video a breeze.

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Some of the video services we offer.

Motion Graphics

Animated text and graphics is where our passion lies. Our graphic design roots ensure your message is clear yet visually striking.

3D Visualisation

Use our experience in 3D modelling and animation to construct your ideas in glorious three dimensions.

Visual Effects

Give your production the Hollywood treatment with professional colour grading, chroma-keying, lens effects and particle wizardry.

In addition to these core services we also undertake conceptual work, script writing, storyboarding and graphic design for print.

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